Swing Perm 1 (Normal) 100ml x 3

Professional by Fama

Shampoo and rinse delicately. Avoid irritating the skin. Towel-dry excess water. Protect the skin around the hairline with a barrier cream, apply a moist cotton band. Part hair into sections and go ahead with rolling up by applying a mild tension.

Start from the head top and apply the curling fluid on the upper, lower and central part; wet each rod without soaking.  After completing the application replace the wet cotton band.

Treatment time: 8-20 minutes without a heating aid. After 10 minutes carry out a first check on the lock. In case of an unsatisfactory the result, repeat the check on the lock every three minutes. Looking for s-shape

After completing the procedure rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for two minutes, dry each rod with a towel and apply the OO BOTTLE (protein) on each rod. Leave in for two more minutes. Do not rinse then apply the conditioner fixing lotion OOO on each rod. Leave in for five minutes. Remove the rollers carefully without pulling the hair. Apply the remaining part of the fixing lotion on the ends and massage. Rinse thoroughly for two minutes, CONDITION ONLY.

Category: PBF, Perm, swing

Type: Treatments

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