PBF Molecolar Colour 5.74 - Chocolate (180ml)

Professional by Fama

Molecolar Direct Colour Cream : 180ml

PBF MOLECOLAR Demi Permanent colours are AMMONIA FREE free, no developer required. The Cream Gel formula is easy to apply and quick to rinse.

MOLECOLAR colours are specifically formulated to colour AND regenerate the health of the hair (contain K-Pro to strengthen the cuticle and cortex).
Ideal when the hair has become:
- Stressed by excessive use of heat (blow-drying/straightening irons)
- Porous due to repeated alkaline treatments such as colouring etc...
- Devoid of its original strength and structure due to repeat bleaching.

Can be used on either wet or dry hair. 
         - 11 colours
         - 180ml tube     
         - Processing time : 5 – 25 minutes
Technical Tips
Shampoo first then apply MOLECOLAR Colour (use Bond Plus in the colour for restructuring, if required).
Processing time 5-25 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly, apply PBF RESTORATIVE MASK, leave in for 5 minutes.

DUAL System Colouring
Example using 5.74.
White hair coverage: Use PBF Absolute or Luminity 5.74, then on the lengths and ends use Molecolar 5.74.
PBF Absolute/Luminity (30mins) + Molecolar Colour(s) (15-25 min) then use Co-Wash or 2 care shampoo, rinse, then apply PBF RESTORATIVE MASK, leave in for 5 minutes.

On sensitized lengths and tips: Use Molecolar 9.89, 9.31, 8.13
Shampoo then apply Molecolar Colour (5-15 min), then apply PBF RESTORATIVE MASK, leave in for 5 minutes.



NOTE : Due to variations in monitor display and brightness, the colour accuracy of the swatch displayed on the website may vary from the swatch on the actual colour chart.  Make sure to refer to your PBF colour chart for colour accuracy.


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