PBF Molecolar 0 PLUS

Professional by Fama

Molecolar "0 PLUS" (180ml tube) TO STRENGTHEN HAIR
A concentrate of K-PRO, that can be mixed with powder lightener/colours. Note: can also be used on its own for medium/fine hair that has lost structure (leave in for 5 minutes).

When using our grey or blue (bleach) Powder Lightener or cream blonde lightening series 2 or 4.
Use 2g of Molecolar 0 Plus for every 10g of Powder Lightener
Eg: 20g Bleach, 40g Developer, 4g Molecolar 0 Plus

After rinsing the above, apply the mask (5 minutes) or tone (5-15 minutes) then rinse and use the mask.

When colouring:
Use 1g of Molecolar 0 Plus for every 10g of colour
Eg: 40g PBF Colour, 80g Developer, 4g Molecolar 0 Plus

Size: 180ml Tube



Category: Molecolar

Type: Colouring

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