NAVITAS CAROB Mask (250ml)

Jean Paul Myne

Navitas Organic Touch Carob Mask 250ml

- Chocolate Tones
- Carob (brown) is ideal for adding intensity and light to brown colours.
- Also available in 1000ml

About NAVITAS Organic Touch products :
Organic, gentle, safe, silicone-free, allergen-free and paraben-free, Navitas Organic Touch enables you to restructure the hair, give it shine and nourishment and tone, intensify, attenuate and revitalise a colour in the simplest possible way.
Available in Shampoo and Mask, sizes 250ml and 1.0L.
All the coloured pigments can be mixed together, for personalized results.
Shampoo :

  • 12 shades (plus Milk, used to dilute colours).
  • Gently cleanses and colours the hair.
  • Contains Olive, Coconut, marine Collagen, Oat and Wheat proteins.

Mask :

  • 9 shades (plus Milk, used to dilute colours). No Grey Pepper, Cummin or Ice Blonde in the Mask range.
  • Colours and deeply nourishes the hair.
  • Contains amino acids and ceramides for a powerful, reconstructive action, Argan, Wild Rose and Flax oils.

Directions :
STEP 1 – Wet your hair, squeeze out any surplus water, then apply NAVITAS ORGANIC TOUCH Shampoo with hands or brush, without rubbing or massaging, applying to all the hair. Leave to take effect for 3 -5 minutes, then lather and rinse thoroughly.
STEP 2 - Squeeze out any surplus water from the hair, then with hands or brush apply NAVITAS ORGANIC TOUCH Mask onto the wet hair, without rubbing or massaging, applying to all the hair. Leave to take effect for 5 – 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
STEP 3 - Dry the hair and proceed with styling
Suggestions :
For keeping colour vibrant : Shampoo (3 min) + Mask (5 min)
For adding highlights to natural hair : Shampoo (5 min) + Mask (20 min)

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