Perm Information

We currently stock 3 different types of perming solutions. Please refer to the appropriate headings below to find more information and instructions on these.

Professional By Fama SWING Wavemotion

The versatile waving treatment, three phase technology.
The process of the Swing waving treatment takes advantage of the moment when the scales are fully opened in order to fortify the hair with keratin, the protein capable of strengthening disulphide bonds which cannot be restores with a traditional perm. The hair regains elasticity, curls have more body and hold.

There are 4 types of Swing Wavemotion available
1- for natural hair
2- for fine, thin, hair
3- for treated hair
4- Specially for hightlights



Professional By Fama Experience Perm

Experience perm has replaced ammonia with an ammonium salt that allows you to lower the alkaline pH for perfect results without damaging the hair.
The Conditioning Fixer contains Cermide A2, which helps reinforce and reestablish cellular cohesion. In this way, the hair appears brighter, smoother and protected.

There are four different Swing formulas to treat different hair types specifically:
0. For unmanageable hair;
1. For normal hair;
2. For fine hair;
3. For treated hair.



Melena Perm

Melena waving lotion comes in 3 different types, with 2 different neutalisers
1- Normal to dry
1 Plus - Normal to resistant hair
2- Coloured and porous
Foam Neutraliser
Cream Neutralizer

Choice of rods- the diameter and number of rods will determine the tightness of the curl
Application- The waving lotion can be applied in any of the recognized methods, although it is recommended that the hair be wound with the solution, dampening section by section with solution. On completion of the wind, apply fresh solution to the wind. Cover the rods with perm cap.
Processing time- It is suggested to check the curl development after 5-7minutes then at intervals of 3-5 minutes. Average development time is 5-15 minutes.
Rinsing- Rinse thoroughly to remove all solution from the wound rods. Rinse 5-8 times. Blot drying using a towel or hair blot.
Neutralising- Apply neutraliser with a sponge over the rods. Development 5 minutes. Remove rods carefully. Apply fresh neutraliser over ends, develop for a further 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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