PBF Crazy Colour Info

Professional By Fama: Crazy Colour

Professional by Fama Crazy Colour is the direct coloring line with a liquid gel base, created to inspire the creativity of the stylist and produce perfect results and high-impact coloring effects. From the boldest and strongest funky colors to elegant and chic pastel tones, these products broaden the range of what the salon offers and inspire fantasy and personal style.

7 Colours: Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia, Crimson, Electric blue, Green, Purple (Cyclamen).

The liquid gel formula contains: Jguar, a natural jellying agent that maintains the right level of moisture in the hair, deeply hydrating it and Olygomin 5, a compound that reintegrates the 5 fundamental mineral salts of hair that are lost during color removal.

The Color Block technology ensures that the Olygomyn 5 and Jguar are distributed evenly during the application, which interact and create a barrier that channels and pushes the pigments into the hair, helping them take hold and ensuring a longer lasting shine. The color lock system for extraordinary hold and shine ensures that colours last between 4 and 10 washes.

Ammonia Free, Alcohol Free, Bleach Free, Paraben and Sles Free formula to ensure a low impact on the condition of the hair.

60ml Tube. No mixing required, direct colour.

We are only authorized to sell to Salons in New Zealand.

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Colour strand photos are a representation of the final colour and may appear different due to individual monitors and settings, for the most accurate colour please refer to your colour chart.