Stargazer Direct colours

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

Stargazer hair colour dye is a direct colour. The colours are ammonia and peroxide free.
For best results use on pre-lightened hair.
Stargazer hair colour will not cover white or grey hair.
The UV shades are very bright and give a neon effect on the hair. 
The pack includes gloves.
For longer hair lengths, it is recommended that 2 bottles are used for the best results.
How long will it last: Will last up to 15 washes in pre-lightened hair. 
Direct Application: Apply directly to pre-lightened hair.
Mix Colours: All the Stargazer Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes can be mixed to create new colours or effects.
Directions (We recommend a patch test & strand test prior to application – see section below).- Protect the surfaces around you with the aid of old towels. If the colour touches the skin wash immediately to prevent it staining.
- Shampoo your hair (DO NOT use conditioner as this may affect the final result, a ph balance shampoo is best). Towel dry the hair.
- Cut the nib of the stargazer hair dye, apply the dye with the aid of gloves or a tint brush. Make sure the hair had been mixed thoroughly through the hair.
- Leave for approximately 15-25 minutes (you may need longer - the strand test is crucial to establishing how long to leave dye on for).
- Rinse thoroughly until water is running clear, washing away from the direction of the face.
- Blow dry with a leave in conditioner/serum. 

Patch & Strand Test
This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation. It is advised to do a patch test prior to colouring.
- Take a small amount of dye and apply to the skin at the back of the ear or neck where it cannot be seen!
- Leave for a few hours, wipe off and ensure no skin irritation.
- It is also recommended to do a strand test before using the colour to monitor the shade result. Easiest way is to cut a small section of the hair underneath, where it is not seen and apply dye as normal.

NOTE : Due to variations in monitor display and brightness, the colour accuracy of the swatch displayed on the website may vary from the swatch on the actual colour chart.  Make sure to refer to your PBF colour chart for colour accuracy.

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Colour strand photos are a representation of the final colour and may appear different due to individual monitors and settings, for the most accurate colour please refer to your colour chart.